[CH101] Final Confrimation of the score (기말시험점수 최종 확인...more


[CH101] Final Exam Result (Average pts) and a Solution file are posted  ...more


[CH101] Return and Claim Schedule of the Final Exam Paper14(Fri, 12:00~14:00)]..and Location ...more


[CH101] Final Examination Schedule [June 12(Wed, 19:00~21:00)]..and Location ...more


[2019. 5.15]

[CH102] (5/27)  Exp8/Lab402/G1, Exp9/Lab406/G2, Exp10/Lab704/G3 ..more

[2019. 5.21]

[CH104](5/24)  Exp.10. Natural and Synthetic Polymers: The Preparation of Nylon  ..more

[2019. 5.15]

[CH102] (5/20 ~ 5/24)  Exp8/Lab402/G2, Exp9/Lab406/G3, Exp10/Lab704/G1 ..more

[2019. 5.13]

[CH104](5/17)  Exp.9. Spectrophotometric Metal in Analysis  ..more


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