General Chemistry I classes will start on February 28, Wednessday. There will be no class on Februrary 26, Monday, due to the maticulation ceremony for undergraduates.

   (일반화학 I 강의는 2 28일 수요일에 시작됩니다. 2 26일은 학부 입학식 관계로 수업이 없습니다.)


Credit Accumulation Examination For General Chemistry I (CH101)


1. Date & time: February 26 [Mon, 18:30 - 20:00 p. m.(1.5 hour)]

2. Place: Room in Creative Learning Bldg. (E11)



Location (ROOM)Find your room.

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3. Freshman Requirement: Mandatory for all freshmen


4. Text book and Covering range

  1) Text book: Principles of Modern Chemistry, 7th ed, Oxtoby/Gillis/Campion

  2) Covering range: Chaps. 3~6, 9~14


5. Passing Criteria

- 10~15% of students will receive a grade of A level(A+, A0, and A-), and get the  credit for CH101.


6. No Exam Fee, No Registration


Important Notices on the Examination


1) You have to bring your calculator. (If you don't bring your own calculator with you, you can NEVER borrow one from other person during the exam. Make sure that your calculator has new, fresh batteries and is in good working order.)


2) Please, bring your ID card. You won't be permitted to take the exam unless you have one acceptable form of photo identification with you. A driver's license, passport I.D., or student I.D. will suffice.


3)WARNING !! During the exam, student caught cheating will receive a F grade for this course..So please don't cheat.


-For further questions: Prof. Hyunjoon Song (Ext:2847) and Kyung Ho kang (Ext:2893)