Final Confirmation on the Mid-term Examination Score for CH101 and CH103


  1. Period: 10/25(Thu)- 10/26(Fri)

  2. Procedure: No additional corrections. During the period, we want you to confirm your final score on the mid-term examination. Be sure to check that the scores have been recorded on a Data File correctly.


 * You can receive your re-marked paper with the claims right after the lecture class, 10/25(Thu).

(If you find an error on the score, contact your TA in charge of the quiz session.)


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The average score of 4 classes is 71.4  pts out of 100 points (after the claim). The top is 100 pts.  

Answer key of the examination is now on the web, at the link [problems & answers].




The average score of 3 classes is 67.3  pts out of 100 points (after the claim). The top is  91.5 pts.

Answer key of the examination is now on the web, at the link [problems & answers].



Schedules on Return and Claim of the Marked Mid-term Exam Paper

General Chemistry I (CH101) and General Chemistry II(CH103)

(채점답안지 분배 및 이의신청 일정)


1. Period, Location and Procedure


1) Return and Claim Period: October  22 (Monday, 7:00 p.m. ~ 8:00 p.m., 1h)

The claim is permitted only on this period. Keep that in mind!


2) Location: Room for quiz session in Creative Learning Bldg.(E11)


3) Procedure

Rule 1: Students cannot bring their writing tools into the rooms (Use a pen only provided by TA)

Rule 2: With or without claim, you must submit the paper back to TA. (Do not go out of the room with it)

If you have any claims on it, write them on the claim form and attach it to the top of the exam paper with a stapler. Give them to your TA. 


A solution file with answer keys for the examination will be uploaded on October 22 (Mon) on the web.



If you deliberately alter any original answers or insert something on your marked paper to achieve a better grade, you will get a F grade for this course. Or if you don't keep the rules above, we will regard it as a kind of cheating and give you 0 point. So please don't cheat.