Experimental Procedure (CH104)

Experiment # and Topics


Exp.0. Orientation : Introduction, Lab Schedule, and Method of Evaluation


Exp.1. Factors Affecting Reaction Rates (Experiment 23)


Exp.2. A Rate Law and Activation Energy (Experiment 24)


Exp.3. Natural and Synthetic Polymers: The Preparation of Nylon




Exp.4. Aspirin Synthesis and Analysis I (Experiment 19)


Exp.5. Aspirin Synthesis and Analysis II (Experiment 19)

Exp.6. Paper Chromatography (Experiment 21)


Exp.7. Transition Metal Complexes (Experiment 36)


Exp.8. Spectrophotometric Metal ion Analysis (Experiment 35)


Exp.9. Enzyme Kinetics


Exp.10. Hard Water Analysis (Experiment 21)