Lecture Notes (CH103)


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Chapter 18.1-18.7: Chemical Kinetics

[Chap 18]


Chapter 23.1-23.3: Polymeric Materials

[Chap 23]

RT #1: Recent Trend (RT) in Polymer Chemistry


Chapter 7.1-7.7: Bonding in Organic Molecules

[Chapter 7]


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Chapter 20.1-20.3: Molecular Spectroscopy

[Chap 20]

RT #2: Recent Trend in Organic Chemistry


Chapter 8.1-8.6: Coordination Chemistry and Crystal Field Theory

[Chap 8-1 updated on Nov.2] [Chap 8-2]

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RT #3: Recent Trend in Inorganic Chemistry


Chapter 23.4, 18.8: Natural Polymers & Biochmeistry, Enzyme Catalysis

[NMR] [Carbohydrate][Protein]

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Chapter 20.4 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

[Enzyme Kinetics] [Nucleoic Acid]

RT #4: Recent Trend in Biochemistry