Experimental Procedure (CH102)

Experiment # and Topics

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Exp.0. Orientation : Introduction, Lab Schedule, and Method of Evaluation



Exp.1. Atomic and Molecular Structure (Experiment Dry Lab 3)


Exp.2. Quantum Chemical Calculation:the Potential Energy Curve and the Orbitals of H2+


[Report sheet-word file]


Exp.3. Synthesis of Potassium Alum  (Experiment 15)


Exp.4. A Carbonate Analysis; Molar Volume of Carbon Dioxide (Experiment 13)


Exp.5. Molar Mass of a Solid (Experiment 14)


Exp.6. Thermodynamics of the Dissolution of Borax (Experiment 26)


Exp.7. LeChatelier's Principle; Buffers (Experiment 16)


Exp.8. Potentiometric Analysis (Experiment 18)


Exp.9. Molar Solubility; Common-Ion Effect  (Experiment 22)


Exp.10. Galvanic Cells, the Nernst Equation  (Experiment 32)