Credit Accumulation Examination Student Guidelines

1.    Date & Time: February 28 (Mon, 6:30 p.m. ~ 8:00 p.m., 1.5 h)

You should enter the announced zoom class before 6:15 p.m. Find the Zoom link in NOTICE on the KLMS. Do not leave the zoom class until your TA confirms the end.

(Zoom link)

- ID: 892 3647 6183

- PW: 236340


2.    Covering chapter:

      1) Text book: Principles of Modern Chemistry, 7th ed, Oxtoby/Gillis/Campion

                2) Covering range: Chaps. 3~6, 9~16


3.    Important Notification

1) Setting up your account using a class enrollment key in Turnitin.[Student Quick Start Guide]

You must register and create a user profile to your class in advance before the examination starts. To create your own student account, your class ID and class enrollment key are required. The class ID and class enrollment key is needed to ensure you have authorization to join your class.


Class ID




















2)  Do not wear a mask during the whole exam.

3)  Find a room where no other people are present (If you and other participants are in the same place during the examination, you will get a F grade for the course.).

4)    Dont open any web browsers in another page to look up answers to questions or open personal chat channel (KakaoTalk, Telegram, Whatsapp, etc.) while taking the exam on your computer or the smartphone.

5)    There is No extra time for final answer file submission. The file must be submitted before time expires (~ 8:00 pm).

6)   Students are required to keep their camera on, until a TA says they are allowed to turn it off.


4.   Utilizing internet system

1)    Monitoring and Paper download: Zoom system

    [The Zoom meeting link(ID/PW) for the examination will be announced on the KLMS of your class]

2)    Paper file download: Zoom system

3)    Paper submission: Turnitin system


5.    Preparation: In any case, you will need

1)    2 devices such as a desktop computer with a camera, speaker, and microphone or A smartphone for live streaming of participant surroundings in the web conference, and another smartphone for scanning the answers. (suitably powered to avoid battery exhaustion)

2)    A stable internet connection

3)    A4 size paper (answer sheet)

4)   An electronic calculator

5)   A scanner to reproduce your exam sheets electronically. We recommend MS Office Lens, a free application, or equivalent for smartphone.



6.   Procedure

1)   Attendance will be taken while in the examination. Your TA (proctor) may be using our attendance table with students photos list to identity you or require you to show your student ID clear view of the camera.

2)   You must position your smartphone as shown in Figure below, in order to frame your work place (table and computer desktop).


3)    Your TA will send the examination file using the Zoom chat-room (your Chat icon will change color; click on the icon, and from the chat panel, open the file). The KLMS system may be used as backup to transfer the file. You may print it if you have a printer.

4)   Once everyone is ready at 6:30 pm, your TA will start the exam.

5)    Prepare several blank A4 size papers to write question # and the answers on it. For clarity, marking your answers is recommended. (Handwriting only is acceptable and typing is not.)

6)   If you have any questions during the period, please contact the TA of your class using the Zoom chat channel to Everyone (the only possible choice). Proctors will make any announcements relevant to all students via audio.

7)    If you completed your work offline, photograph or scan your exam sheets. In MS Office Lens, keep adding pages, then export to one PDF, store locally, and upload in the Turnitin system. Make sure that the filename must be made by combination of a student ID number and your name like 20201111ȫ浿 or 20202222HongGilDong. You must submit one merged file (pdf or Ms-word format) with all solutions you have made before the deadline ends. (You have to know and practice how to make the formats by using printer scanner or cellphone scanner apps in advance.)

8)    While still in the video conference, submit your file to [Credit Accumulation Exam], an assignment on Turnitin of your class. Do not leave the video conference until your TA confirms and tells you that it is fine to leave.